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Books By Mia Sperber
FOUNTAIN OF LIFE: The Medical Arts From Antiquity To Modern Times.

FOUNTAIN OF LIFE deals with the inspiring development of healing traditions in various human societies around the world and along the ages. Mythical symbols of life and renewal existent since the dawn of time, rites and legends of world communities, as well as the remarkable fervour, intuition and unlimited dedication of an endless line of caring individuals around the globe, all have been meaningfully, poetically and impressively presented in this book.

Such colourful, spiritual and intriguing review, focusing on the "soul" of the medical art in various human civilisations, is certainly of great interest to a large readership, as the goal of acquiring a long and healthy life continues to be the subject of major human concern.

THE GATES OF LIGHT A Life of Pythagoras.

THE GATES OF LIGHT: A Life of Pythagoras deals with the life of the great scientist and spiritual master of the Greek antiquity, Pythagoras. (The Greek version of the book has been published in 2005 by Dioptra Publishing in Athens). Dr Sperber is one of the world's leading experts and studied for many years the life and works of Pythagoras, one of the greatest minds that humanity has known and one of its most passionate spiritual leaders. Pythagoras promoted everything that people enjoy and talk about today: numerology, dream understanding, music therapy, the cosmic inter-connection of all things, and in general, a harmonious and compassionate approach to life and nature. His colourful, dramatic, never-seen-before kind of saga, will certainly mesmerize modern readers.

The book has been adapted by Mia to an absolutely fascinating, heart-warming and thought-provoking screenplay, based on which a major motion picture is in preparation.

DANTE: An Understanding of Love.

DANTE: AN UNDERSTANDING OF LOVE tells the phenomenal, extraordinary story of the visionary Italian poet Dante Alighieri, including his works, especially the Divine Comedy and his undying love for the beautiful Beatrice.

The powerful, unforgettable and full of stunning imagery account brings forward the amazing life of Dante and his wonderful, highly symbolic love story, not only to the Italians (for whom the subject is clearly familiar), but also to the entire world. The meaning of life and love, patriotism and courage, devotion to a task and care for people, are all admirably brought forward by the unforgettable, astonishing Dante and a whole array of powerful characters that surround him: the poets Virgil, Cavalcanti and Da Pistoia, his benefactor Novello da Polenta, and many more. Extraordinary, far-sighted images will leave the reader enchanted and wanting to know more.


FOODS THAT MADE THE WORLD reviews the history of ancient culinary traditions in various civilisations around the world, of the favourite foods of some of the most renowned world historical figures, and also brings forward some of the recipes recognized and loved throughout world. It thus offers the opportunity for superb descriptions and the presentation of highly intriguing, original information.

Contrary to most of the current cooking literature which focus on the "how" of gastronomy, Miaís book directs its attention to the "why" of food preparation, on issues such as since when do we eat certain foods, and the social basis of its enjoinment presented in the most accessible and attractive manner. In view of the great interest currently existent in the culinary arts and also in historical, health and spiritual matters, Dr. Sperberís highly original approach to the topic should attract the interest of a large international audience.

Prayer to the Moon

An impressive, colourful and instructive presentation of the life and works of an inspired, visionary and spiritual composer, together with other great musicians of the time such as Tchaikovsky, Brahms and Janacek.

Soul Mates

Sixteenth century Prague is connected to modern times by an extraordinary love story which transcends the wheel of time and life. A powerful, mystical saga.